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Il fait froid par chez vous et vous ne savez pas quoi faire de votre weekend ? C'est le moment de ressortir votre bonne vielle xbox 1 et tester la nouvelle version de NeoGensPlusGX
Pour les curieux il sagit d'un des meilleurs émulateurs quoi soit pour émuler les consoles de SEGA (hors dreamcast).

Xbox 1 never die...

Améliorations faites grâce à la collaboration de XtecuterX73 et de Madmab (qu'on ne présente plus)

Voici les changements (en anglais)

This is a multicore emulator based off of two emulator cores..
Cores are - Gens (Neogenesis) v25.19b, Genesis Plus GX v1.15b.
Genesis Plus GX core is by EkeEke. Initially ported by A600 to SDLx.
Mangled and converted to x-port (Madmab Edition) and DirectX by Madmab and XtecuterX73.
Read the Readme-NeoGenesis.txt for all news regarding the Neogenesis core up to v25.14b.
Read the Readme-GenesisPlusGX.txt for all news regarding the Genesis Plus GX core up to v1.07b.
Why Multi-Cores?
Because I can? LOL. Actually Genesis Plus GX is so great that NeoGenesis is almost not even needed.
Note I said almost. Unfortunately Genesis Plus GX does not have support for Sega 32x.
So I decided to incorporate both into one interface with selectable emulator core.
Also Genesis Plus GX does not support "Cue/ISO/MP3" image combos which NeoGenesis does support.
So there you have it.
Q: Can I use my old Neogenesis saves?
A: Yes. Simply rename your saves directory to "NeoGensPlusGX". Also be sure to rename "NeoGenesis.ini" to "NeoGensPlusGX.ini". You will also need to reconfigure your "saves directory to point to the new location. This can be done from within the emulator "Configuration -> Change Default Directories". Or you could manually edit the ".ini" file with a text editor. You might also have to change other default directories depending if they are not relative to the directory.
Q: I select a game but it keeps on loading the Neogenesis core!
A: If you elected to keep your original Neogenesis saves directory (See above question). A game with a save configuration will still use Neogenesis as the core. You can change this by pressing X when selecting a game and manually changing the core.
Q: I set the core to Genesis Plus GX for my Sega CD image but it keeps on reverting back to NeoGenesis for the core. Why?
A: Chances are the Sega CD image you are selecting is a "Cue/ISO/MP3" combination which Genesis Plus GX currently does not support. So the interface automatically selects NeoGenesis for your confusion.. uh I mean convenience!
Q: How do I get the Pier Solar CD soundtrack to play?
A: If you want to hear the music tracks for Pier Solar. Rename the FIRST track to match the name of your ROM image. So if your rom is named "Pier Solar.bin" then rename the FIRST track of the cd image to "Pier Solar.iso". This currently only works if both images are on your xbox hard drive.
Q: What do I do about UMKT?
A: The UMKT specific Neogenesis core is still there if you need it. However I would suggest using the Genesis Plus GX core.
Q: Genesis Plus GX is known to be able to play SMS and GG games. Can I play these?
A: Yes but there is minimal madmab edition support ATM until I decide what to do about this. No special controller support yet.
Beta Updates Both Cores
* Updated to madmab edition interface CFv1b30. See "Interface Changelog.txt"
Genesis Plus GX v1.15b
* Changes to the screenshot code to account for new directory layout when using "Extras menu" screenshot options.
* Thunder Force III was hanging due to the improved fifo timing accuracy and later fixed by an update, see below core changes.
* Pier Solar was not working in previous build but appears to be working now (may be due to the fifo timing fixes)
* Increased Sega Mouse latency (fixes mouse support in Star Blade)
* Fixed PSG noise channel bug.
* Fixed 3-Band EQ implementation.
* Allow active screen width to be modified during first two lines (Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble).
* Improved VDP status read timing accuracy (fixes 'Marvel Land' demo mode).
* Fixed CD hardware buffer initialization when using dynamic memory allocation.
* Added (very basic) emulation of Flashkit MD hardware.
* Rewind was causing framerate issues with some games when running in 720p mode. (Example: Beginning of Sonic 3 Angel Island Zone). Fixed.
* Core updated to all changes up to 09/20/17. See below changelog.

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