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Homebrew [SNESmini] KMFDManic NESC/SNESC v2.5

laurent68 ™

Membre du personnel
3 Avril 2016
Le développeur KMFDManic nous propose de découvrir une nouvelle version de son set, un ensemble de programmes, qui permet d'intégrer tous les cores fonctionnels, les bios, et les HMOD destinés à la NES Mini et à la Super NES Mini.

Les changements de cette version sont très nombreux, et clairement l'intégration de la PlayStation One ne devrait plus tarder.

Tout d’abord, au sujet du piratage de la Playstation Classic, le développeur rappelle qu'il faut agir avec prudence. Il rappelle qu'il est possible de modifier, mais qu'il faut avoir toutes les connaissances pour revenir en arrière. Pour le moment il est préférable de profiter de RetroArch.

First things first, concerning the Playstation Classic having been Hacked...

Warning: I would recommend to exercise extreme caution in attempting ANY Sony Playstation Classic Modifications, til they are deemed safe from potential bricking, or you feel completely safe doing so!!! I cannot stress this enough. If you soft or hard brick the system, it will be entirely your own fault for not heeding this warning! In the event you do muck things up, It may be potentially unlikely to have any quick and immediate help with unbricking the system, for the time being. I have personally seen quite a few go down the wrong beaten path with this one, already! So, please be very careful with your investment! Just please be patient, and don't do anything ignorant out of being too impatient!

Only mod your system once you fully realize the inherent risks and are comfortable enough with it being a safe process. It will become safer and safer by the day! If concerned or worried, just make sure it is someone you can trust, and be very careful, before attempting said Mods! When it is a comfortable enough scenario to be considered safe, there will be videos or statements or postings to that effect..! Of course, if you already have a Mini NES/SNES. It is most certainly best to be more patient, and still play with those for now:) I will continue to give love to the NES/SNES, as well as PS1, from this point forward...rest assured! I am not yet going to recommend any Modifications to try, as I want to minimize any accountability and responsibility related to any of you running into any snags with said process! But, I will most likely suggest some, in the very near future, when it is more substantially ironclad from User End Mistakes! I am, of course, doing my own independent testing! And, RetroArch will be back in full force in the near future! Now then:

Here we are yet again for another incredibly amazing Mini Classic NES/SNES Update! Bullet Points, Specific Notes, a few videos to enjoy, Closing Notes:)

3000 Subscriber Milestone:)!
Hakchi2 CE Updated to 3.5.2:)!
RetroCat Xtreme, Errm...RetroArch Home Menu UI Shortcut!
KMFD Mod Hub Games Tab!
Mr.Boom from Home Menu UI + Custom OST:)!
Re-Introducing MAME 2003 Plus Experimental Full Speed Ahead!
Dreamcast now has MAME Rom Support and other additional tweaks!
mGBA In-Game Saves Fixed!
Gambatte DMG Monochrome+SGB Palettes & HuC-3 Mapper Support!
FCEUmm netplay improvement for more reliable compatibility!
What about gpSP/Mupen/Parallel/Glupen Saves?!
What about Saves in general?!**
DOSBox, why aren't games saving!?
RPG Maker 2000/2003 is here with EasyRPG!
Atari ST is here with Hatari!
Homebrew Games are here with Uzem Core!
Final Burn Alpha 2018 using .44 Set!
SNESx 2005 Sound Improvement!
Tool added to help add multiples of the same game!
Finally, the future path of the Core Set Releases!

Téléchargement :
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Nouveau membre
10 Mars 2019
Merci beaucoup pour ce lien!

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